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Los Angeles & San Francisco


Invest in the Next-Generation,
Worker-Owned Enterprise

  • One of the Greatest Impact Investment Opportunities in Our Era

  • Invest Today, Help Create the Companies of Tomorrow

  • Transform Communities & Economies at the Grassroots


Infinity Point CDFI Community Impact Investment Fund & Accelerator

Three steps to achieve strong communities & regional economies

Three steps to achieve strong communities & regional economies

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Assist legacy business owners in passing the torch to employees

To create next-generation worker-owned enterprises at scale

To transform communities and regional economies through expanded equity ownership

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​​We assist retiring legacy owners in passing the torch to ignite the ongoing, self-sustaining creation of next-generation, worker-owned companies and grassroots owner-entrepreneurs.

Creating the broad-based ownership economy

Los Angeles

The broad-based ownership economy

  • Bridging the wealth and opportunity gap

  • Spawning new generations of owner-entrepreneurs

  • Supporting thriving, sustainable local economies

  • Distributing wealth, opportunity, social responsibility and liberty

  • Unleashing the inner potential of capitalism

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Phone: 424-262-3434


Address: 140 Alhambra St

San Francisco, CA 94123

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