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Los Angeles & San Francisco


Invest and take action.

Trust your inner guidance. Walk with faith. When you are on the right path the Universe will clear the way.
― Muses from a mystic

Amplify your investment impact through our grassroots investor networks:

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1. Active Impact Investor Network

Join a NextGen Company Board of Directors to experience company transformation directly, and work with our other board members to implement NextGen local economic transformation strategies

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2. Advisory Board Member Network

Be part of the national volunteer team of thought-leading change agents who are charting and implementing the NextGen economy vision

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3. Grassroots Community Leadership Network

Join Infinity Point and its partners to work with communities at a grassroots level

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4. Subscribe to our Newsletter

Keep apprised of news, events and webinars

"A Tsunami of opportunity and impact."

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Contact Infinity Point today. Let us know how you are inspired to participate.

Phone: 424-262-3434


Address: 140 Alhambra St

San Francisco, CA 94123

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