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Invest in empowerment.

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Equity-Centered Economy

The principle of the Equity-Centered economy is a universal share in common equity, where equity represents the increasing capacity of an economy to drive contribution from and generate value for all stakeholders. Every role in the system – worker, company, consumer, investor, citizen – flourishes from its rootedness in common equity, like petals on a blossoming flower.

Infinity Point CDFI envisions the NextGen Enterprise paradigm as a foundational step towards creating equity-centered local economies, where every community resident and stakeholder owns a share in the equity of their local economic ecosystem.  A share in systemic equity aligns every community member in supporting each other’s and the community’s well-being and success.  


Infinity Point and its network of investors and allies are working to expand equity ownership on four ascending tiers of shared equity value escalation, which comprise our long-term vision and the program we call Equity Rising.


At each tier, equity ownership expands to align, incentivize and engage a wider pool of stakeholders—and a broader asset base—in optimizing system resources, money flows and communications ... 

Four Tiers of Shared Equity Value Escalation

NextGen Enterprises


Companies extend equity ownership to workers.  

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NextGen Business Ecosystems


Local companies extend equity ownership to each other.  

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NextGen Community Economies


Local business ecosystems extend ownership in their collective equity to local residents and stakeholders. Everyone owns a stake in building systemic equity in their community.

Community Gardening

NextGen Equity Marketplaces


Local communities offer non-voting securities on public equity markets to enable individuals, communities and institutions everywhere to invest in the growth and health of America’s local economies and communities, helping to democratize capitalism across the land. 

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To learn more, and to participate in the Equity Rising progam, join us today. 

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