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Invest in transformation.

A Platform for A Whole System Transformation

  • The Next Generation enterprise design represents a structural transformation of our economy’s basic DNA at the cellular level of the enterprise.

  • Infinity Point believes that the win/win dynamics of the next-generation enterprise will first transform workplaces, and then local communities and regional economies.

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Transformation to the
Worker-Owned Enterprise

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Infinity Point transforms successful, legacy  businesses into next-generation, worker-owned enterprises.  These NextGen companies combine worker-ownership with ESOP-empowered economics and the proven best practices of ownership culture to fully leverage the power of a workforce aligned and incentivized through a share in ownership equity.

NextGen enterprises outperform conventional enterprises in every respect, from business performance to social responsibility.  These companies have been shown to predominate among firms voted “Best for the World.”  See the compelling research here

A Formula for Company Transformation & Success:

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A share in ownership aligns every person’s energies, dreams and values with the business mission, vision & long-term success.

Ownership stake
in the outcome for
all employees

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All workers learn to think like owners, track the financial and operational metrics, shape vision and strategy, and drive continuous improvement and business success.

Best practices for
high-involvement planning and



Congress favors ESOP-based worker-owned companies with substantial financing & tax benefits because they uniquely grow economies in ways that benefit all stakeholders — the 6-way win-win paradigm.


Extending Equity Ownership

  • A share in equity aligns employee best interests with company best interests, and gives all employees a stake in each other’s continuous learning, development and maximum contribution.

  • A share in common equity links people to one common purpose, in pursuing business vision and mission.

Working Together

Ownership Culture

Building Homes
  • Honed over decades in top-performing worker-owned companies, ownership-culture best practices provide all employee-owners with the training, information and tools they need to empower each other to empower their company.


​Key Ownership Culture Best Practices include: 

  • Open book management. Every employee develops financial and business literacy, learns to track, forecast and improve the  business metrics, and develops direct line of sight from individual  choices to impact on the quadruple bottom line. An open playing field creates mutual accountability that incentivizes employees to  support each other’s learning and development.

  • High-involvement planning. Every worker engages in continual improvement of operations and contributes to evolving business strategy and purpose.

  • 7-level leadership development. Every worker builds skills in leadership and social and emotional intelligence, reducing organizational dysfunction and supporting higher levels of collaboration and sustained positive energy.

Empowered Economics

  • 100% ESOP-Owned Companies can operate tax free, increasing cash flows by up to 40%

  • ESOP companies enjoy tax-advantaged financing, including the ability to repay loan principal and interest with pre-tax dollars, cutting the cost of borrowing nearly in half 

  • ESOPs enable companies of any size to employ powerful equity-based strategies to attract, retain, incentivize and reward top talent 

  • NextGen ESOPs grow revenues and profitability at significantly higher rates than ordinary companies

Warehouse Worker

Extensive research demonstrates that NextGen employees have double the job security, a third more income and nearly twice the net worth as compared to their counterparts in conventional companies. 

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