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Welcome to

Infinity Point CDFI

Our Vision & Mission

Infinity Point CDFI is a not-for-profit community development fund and business accelerator established to eliminate the wealth divide and create more just, inclusive and thriving local economies through broad-based equity ownership.  Infinity Point envisions companies, communities and regional economies where, through universal ownership of common equity, every person has a vested stake in each other’s and their community’s long-term success. 


Infinity Point CDFI and its network of impact investors are initially focused on bringing the next-generation, worker-owned enterprise to scale.  The Fund invests in the transformation of successful legacy companies to the NextGen model, making these companies stronger and more locally rooted, while aligning the full spectrum of stakeholders in achieving win-win reciprocal benefits: employees, companies, investors, local communities and regional economies.

InfinityPoint and its impact investor network envision a near future when NextGen companies in communities everywhere will become a platform for the Equity-Centered Economy, where all stakeholders own a share in their local economic ecosystem.  A share in common equity aligns the interests of all stakeholders in increasing local equity valuations and supporting each other's and their collective well being.

What is the NextGen Enterprise?

The NextGen Enterprise Design combines ESOP-based worker ownership with the best practices of ownership culture

Crowd Applausing

Ownership Stake

A share in ownership aligns the incentives of employees to support each other’s and the company’s maximum success. Everyone is focused on delivering more value to customers and communities.

Engineers and Businesspeople

Ownership Culture

Ownership culture leverages the enhanced alignment and motivation of employee  owners.  High-engagement planning and operations give everyone direct line of sight from personal choices to system impacts.  All employees are empowered to think, feel and act like mission-led owner-entrepreneurs.

Business Owner

ESOP -Empowered

Because ESOP companies uniquely benefit all stakeholders, Congress has granted ESOPs special tax advantages that elevate cash flows up to 40% and can cut the costs of growth financing nearly in half.

NextGen Companies:
A first, bold step towards a fully-decentralized economy

NextGen companies :

  • Outperform conventional businesses in every respect, including economic performance and social responsibility

  • Drive higher levels of employee personal and professional development

  • Create empowered and engaged, entrepreneurial  business leaders and citizens

  • Root wealth and opportunity more deeply in local communities

  • Spin off new NextGen companies, empowering more people with the opportunities, responsibilities and rewards of next-generation ownership

  • Join economic growth to democracy

Architects at Work

Infinity Point believes that the 6-way win-win dynamics of the next-generation enterprise ― aligning legacy owners, companies, workers, investors, communities and regional economies to reciprocally benefit each other ― will first transform workplaces, and then local communities and regional economies. 

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