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Los Angeles & San Francisco


Invest in opportunity.

A Tsunami of Opportunity

  • Due to the upcoming retirements of millions of baby-boomer business owners, called the silver tsunami, nearly 60% of the companies in the United States will change hands over the next 10 years.

  • This will be a decade to transform the next millennium.

  • We have an opportunity to choose a new direction.

Three Generations

The Status Quo  Leads to:

  • Enormous upward transfer of socio-economic power due to buyouts of local business by private equity and large non-local competitors

  • Weakened local economies

  • Lower quality jobs

  • A deeper income & wealth divide

Opportunity Leads to:

  • Expanded ownership in grassroots communities

  • Higher quality and more meaningful work that supports human development

  • Stronger small business and local economies

  • Unleashing the inner promise of capitalism to create and distribute broad wealth and opportunity

Window Display

Riding the
Silver Tsunami

to a Broad-Based Ownership Economy

Infinity Point CDFI sees the Silver Tsunami as a profound opportunity to transform legacy companies into high-performing, NextGen worker-owned companies that broadly distribute wealth, responsibility and opportunity for a 6-way win-win solution.
3D Swirl

The Six-Way Win-Win Paradigm

Serious Man

Business Owners

  • Receive top dollar for shares sold and defer or eliminate taxes

  • Retain operational control

  • Exit on your own terms and timeline

  • Reward key employees

  • Preserve business legacy



  • Higher performance due to an aligned and engaged workforce

  • Minimize corporate taxes or operate tax free

  • Cut the cost of borrowing nearly in half

  • Improve corporate social responsibility

Colleagues Working Together


  • Preserve and strengthen legacy businesses & jobs

  • Upskill workforces

  • Develop more responsible and engaged citizens

Construction Workers


  • Higher income & job security

  • Greater net worth

  • Expanded personal and professional development opportunity

  • Enjoy work that inspires and makes a difference

  • Learn to think, feel, and act like an owner

Business People Talking

Impact Investors

  • Invest in creating the next-generation economic paradigm—a more just economy that works for all

  • Pioneer direct investor participation by serving on company boards

  • Help lead the development of local equity ownership and investment opportunities for citizens

Home Grown Vegetables

Regional Economies

  • Foster entrepreneurialism

  • Give rise to startup cultures

  • Create long-term stability

Infinity Point’s network of active impact investors are creating NextGen companies that will create next-generation, broad-based ownership local economies. Like NextGen companies, these NextGen economies will propel their own growth through the self-refueling dynamics of win-win, ignited by a share in common equity that aligns local stakeholders.

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